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Question asked by Robbie Wright - 9/2/2014 at 9:07 PM
We're just getting started with SM and are beginning to move more clients over. Naturally, as time goes on, we get more of the "why did this email get marked as spam" questions by some of our customers. I've manage to find in the delivery logs the spam weight being assigned to the email, but I'm not able to find how it got that score nor the original headers for the email. Am I blind and just can't find the right log or do we not have the ability to see what makes up a given spam score on a specific message?

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Bruce Barnes Replied
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If you are using the built-in SmarterMail spam tests, then make certain you have both your SMTP and DELIVERY logs set to DETAILED.
When something is marked as SPAM, then search the delivery logs for the SENDER'S e-mail address with the DISPLAY RELATED TRAFFIC box checked:
and you will find all of the spam filters which were tested, and/or, triggered, by the incoming tests.
To further assist you in making certain you are checking and filtering all the possible spam, see the most current version of the following, and assist you in overcoming delivery denial by YAHOO!, G-Mail, Comcast, AOL, and most of the other large ISPs see the following documents which I have published:

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Robbie Wright Replied
Thanks Bruce. Display related traffic was what we were missing. I hope Smarter* gives you lots of free beer.
Scarab Replied
If you have your Delivery Logs set to "DETAILED" (you can set this in SETTINGS > LOG SETTINGS > LOG DETAIL LEVELS) then every message will show all Anti-Spam Checks prior to Delivery and whether the message was filtered. It will not show the Total Score but it will allow you to see the tests that "Failed". If you are familiar with the weights you set for each test you can easily gauge the total score.

If the client keeps a copy of the message on the server I find it's easier to use the Impersonate User function and go to the message itself and view the Headers which will show all the failed tests and the total Score.

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