What's the purpose of VOTING up, someone's reply to a Thread?
Idea shared by Henry Timmes - 8/31/2014 at 7:56 AM
I understand voting up the top reply, because it bubbles up and shows a count under the "Votes" Section. 
Let's say someone's reply gets like 30000 votes, it will never make it's way to the "Votes" section and it will be overlooked and that awesome suggestion or idea will never be considered. This is unfortunate because it never got the attention it deserved from the right people and even though it got massive votes, it will go un-noticed to the key people that need to see the desire.
1) Perhaps the vote count should be Overall Votes not just the main topic starter. 
2) Get rid of the votes on replies and turn that into a "Like" system and have a tab for "Most Liked"

This will foster votes to the top level, where they belong - and Likes for the suggestion within the post where they belong. 
3) Or each reply in a thread that gets a vote, the parent also gets an automatic vote up. 
4) Or something else... 
The system just isn't working the way it is, something has to change.
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Employee Replied
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Hi Henry,
Thank you for your suggestions. Voting is a way for users to mark threads and replies that they feel are important or valuable. The votes will then help other users find a popular topic easily, avoid creating duplicate topics, and quickly identify responses that add value to a conversation.
With that said, we realize that the current implementation is not accomplishing this as clearly as we had intended. We are discussing several ways to modify and improve this system. Since our next update is coming up very soon, we won't have any changes to the voting system as part of that release. The next one after that, however, will likely contain improvements to the voting system as we do agree this needs to be addressed.
Tim Uzzanti Replied
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We spent some time reviewing how users were utilizing the community.  We agree the votes within the thread were a bit confusing and didn't provide a lot of value.  We can see that turning it into a Like (which was basically the same functionality we had in the background) better promoted replies within the thread.  What it will also provide is the statistics to show users who provide the most useful responses that users appreciate.  In the near future we anticipate making a profile page for each user that will include stats but also overall statistics for top users etc.
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OK, So, now your post has 4 or More Likes (by the time you read this) - How can I tell who liked your post? If someone liked my post or even voted for my post, I would like to know who did. 
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I also think the like feature, should be below the user Icon (Because that's where member statistics will eventually go (I'm assuming)  
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