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Problem reported by Nathalie V - April 16, 2015 at 5:00 AM
Reporting this as bug because it's not consistent, but also it really should work differently so feel free to move this into the suggestion category instead.
As it is ticket comments get out of control in SmarterTrack because they show not only under the Comment tab, but also in the Communication tab (they really shouldn't show under the Communication tab at all)
But to add to the existing duplication issue..  
When a ticket number is added to another ticket as a "Related Item", one of the tickets shows all the notes that were on the other ticket (as well as that ticket's existing notes).  
The reason I'm reporting this as a bug is that most of the time from what I've seen, only ONE of the related tickets has all the notes.  The other has just it's own original notes.  So that is kind of odd, if your intention is for them to share all notes when they are related tickets, then this isn't' working correctly as only one ticket has all the notes.
But really this is a huge mess as some notes pertain to one of the specific tickets and it is really confusing to have all the notes show in either ticket, this should be scrapped entirely and each ticket should maintain it's own notes.
Maybe just "sticky" notes or something should be shared across related notes.

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I completely agree that it's a mess to have all the comments for related tickets displayed in all the tickets. We should be able to independently manage tickets even when they're related.
I just ran into the same type of issue when creating a follow-up for one of the tickets that is in a "related" relationship with another ticket. Some thoughts I had would be to provide a note in the comment (follow-up or other type of comment) indicating the ticket in which the comment was made, and then providing a link to the other ticket. This way, their relationship is maintained but they're managed individually.
Derek Curtis Replied
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Thanks for bringing this up. We'll discuss it internally and see what we can come up with as a solution.
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Nathalie V Replied
Three years later and now a reply.

We've already moved on to a different ticketing system.

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