Like or Thanks button?
Idea shared by Steve Reid - 8/29/2014 at 6:09 AM
I'm wondering if it might be possible to add a like or thanks button.
When someone proposes a good solution or you agree with them, it would be nice to just click thanks.
I'm not sure if the voting system would work in this situation because you would want them to know who thanked them.

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I think this would be cool also, along with post counts.
Grady Werner Replied
Employee Post
Henry, can you elaborate on what you mean by post counts? Do you mean showing a count of posts per user next to their names?
Grady Werner
SmarterTools Inc.
Yes, I think total post counts and Like Count for all posts next to the user, gives credibility to that user.
Maybe even on mouse over, since this would keep the ui clean

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