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Idea shared by Nicolas Le Merle - April 8, 2015 at 12:51 PM
Under Consideration
Hi Guys,
I see there is no way to start a group chat with multiple users on my domain at the same time, have you ever considered this feature ?

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If you have SmarterMail 11, 12, or 13.X, you should be able to create an alias called, in our case, "Everyone", and enable XMPP Chat in the alias.
EDIT: 1559 CDT: Since Chat is available only in SmarterMail's Enterprise edition, the "everyone" chat alias shown below can only be created in Enterprise editions of SmarterMail.
Everyone ALIAS set for XMPP Chat
Everyone ALIAS set for XMPP Chat
You can also use that alias as an e-mail address, with everything sent to the "Everyone@yourdomainname.tld" going to all of your users.
If you mark it "internal only," then it can be accessed only via the webmail interface.
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Nice find Bruce! This however wont work if User1,User2, and User3 want to chat without User4 and User5 being involved. If there was an option to add individual users to a group chat that would be cool :)
While we at it, why not add a video call feature as well !! :)
Robert Emmett Replied
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Nicolas, we have added the group chat functionality and video call to our features request list for further discussion by the dev. team.
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I still dont think this is possible in SM 16. We've had quite a lot of requests for this, but I cannot figure it out. Aliases work, but what if you wanted to chat between 2/3+ people who are not in a predefined alias?


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