SmarterMail buildup in C:\Windows\Temp directory...
Question asked by Eric Tykwinski - 4/8/2015 at 8:32 AM
We are on SmarterMail Enterprise V 13.3.5535.
I was looking through the logs to figure out why a customer is having issues emailing out through ActiveSync, and I noticed that the messages were being saved in the Windows Temp directory.
[2015.04.08] 08:49:22 [2026623998] user@domain.com android1343135816 MotoDROIDRAZR v12_1
[2015.04.08] 08:49:22 [2026623998] IN : SendMail (3,627 bytes)
[2015.04.08] 08:49:22 [2026623998] <SendMail>
[2015.04.08] 08:49:22 [2026623998]   <SaveInSentItems>True</SaveInSentItems>
[2015.04.08] 08:49:22 [2026623998]   <Filename>C:\Windows\TEMP\16c79ce952b04d61a1ccb855b9a73fbf.eml</Filename>
[2015.04.08] 08:49:22 [2026623998] </SendMail>
[2015.04.08] 08:49:22 [2026623998] OUT: 200 (0 bytes, 0 ms)
Looking at the directory, we have a build up of 35K eml files dating back to 6/2014.  I've cleared out all but today, but it seems like it's single days that this is occuring randomly.  Any one know if this is a client issue/server issue?  The server is running fine as I can send out from my iPhone okay, but there definitely seems to be some sort of issue. Possibly a loss of connectivity on the client side, and SM isn't cleaning up?

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Scarab Replied
Well, I'm not sure if it is a problem causing these files or just a clean-up issue, but sure enough we too have ActiveSync messages in our \Windows\Temp directory. In all cases they are messages FROM: the ActiveSync user, so it appears that the \Windows\Temp folder is being used when the ActiveSync client is sending an email, before it is moved to their personal Sent Items folder. The stranger part is that all of the .eml files in the \Windows\Temp directory are modified each time the ActiveSync client connects rather than when they were first sent, making me hesitant to delete them. I'm also curious if this is WAI (Working as Intended).
Employee Replied
Employee Post
We did have a bug where .eml files generated in the windows temp folder for ActiveSync were not always getting removed properly.
We fixed that in the version you are running so you should not be seeing new orphaned .eml files in the windows temp folder.  We didn't add anything to clean out the previous orphaned .eml files though.  We will add a nightly cleanup for those type of messages in SmarterMail 14 so any orphaned files created previous to 13.3.5535 will be removed automatically.
Steve Reid Replied
If the cause of the issue was fixed and the emails will not be left in the temp folder, then maybe the cleanup is not required?
I just emptied my temp folder and sure enough there was a lot of eml files in there.

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