can no longer push pages in live chat
Problem reported by Thalia Oster - 8/27/2014 at 12:03 PM
Not A Problem
For about 6 weeks now, and coinciding with the most recent update we did to our smartertrack installation (v. 10.1.5283 ), we have been unable to push pages to our customers via live chat. I was not aware of the problem until today when one of our agents told me.
In the actions tab, where it used to appear, all we now see listed is "Insert canned reply", "Spell Check", and "Send File"....no other actions.
I have confirmed, disabled, re-enabled the checkbox in the group details screen to allow pushing pages via chat, and still it doesn't appear as an action option when we are in live chat.
Insight anyone?

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Hi Thalia,
The push feature was taken out in version 10 due to most browser had pop up blockers enabled so they would not get the page.  You still are able to send them a link in that chat and when they click on the link it will open up the page.  You can see this feature was removed in our release notes here: http://www.smartertools.com/smartertrack/releasenotes/v10.aspx

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