About to Sign Up with Smarter Mail - Email Bandwidth Question
Question asked by Zach Klempf - April 2, 2015 at 11:05 AM
I am considering integrating Smarter Mail into my CRM application. We will probably have 2,000 + users by the end of the year. Sending emails and templates for marketing. I am trying to ball park bandwidth costs. I know this is a hard question. But does anyone have ballpark costs at 10GB per user per year on Amazon?

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Zach Klempf Replied
Steve Reid Replied
There are so many variables that estimating would be inaccurate.
Scarab Replied
Amazon has a calculator for that purpose:


Your EC2 base price for a dedicated M3.medium server will be relatively negligible compared to EBS pricing. Your EC2 pricing will be based on how many CPU cycles you use and your Outbound Traffic per GB. Even with an average moderate mail traffic of 80GB/mo In and 40GB/mo Out doesn't add up to more than $350/mo no matter how you slice it. Your EBS pricing will be around $3366.80 per month for two 16834GB volumes (which is the max available per volume), or around $1.6834 per user a month.

You can get further details about Amazon pricing at:

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