Blackberry Q10 setup with Exchange ActiveSync
Question asked by dean brown - 4/1/2015 at 5:36 PM
There doesn't seem to be any info on setting up a BB Q10 with Exchange ActiveSync. There is an option on the phone for this. Has anyone set one up before and have the suggested settings? The only instructions SM seems to have is that you have to buy a 3rd party addon.

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Hello Dean,
Thanks for the inquiry. You are correct. You would need to implement the ActiveSync add-on in order to have the ability to use the ActiveSync feature with the device.  You may use the IMAP protocol if you want to sync the emails. If you want to have your contacts, emails, and calendar then you need the feature.
Michael Replied

That's not correct.

The BlackBerry Q10 supports Microsoft Exchange Active Sync through the built-in native email application.

On my BackBerry Q10 I do the following:

1. Drop down the top menu and choose Settings
2. Select accounts.
3. Click the icon that has the + next to the @ icon at bottom left.
4. This is the tricky part. You need to click the icon at center bottom with the 3 sliders. That icon means Advanced Setup.
5. In the Advanced Setup menu choose Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
6. Add the account details.

Additional instructions can be found here:

Matt Petty Replied
Employee Post
However, the server requires this addon in order to "talk" to the Blackberry Active Sync implementation.
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Michael Replied
Yes, the Smarter Mail server needs an active license for the Exchange Active Sync subscription, you must have your domain properly configured for EAS (with SSL) and you must also individually enable Exchange Active Sync for the user in question. That's correct.
dean brown Replied
Thanks - another key item is that you HAVE to use port 443 for it to work
Bruce Barnes Replied
and, as an addendum to Dean Brown's comment, that also means you must have SSL and you must have IIS enabled on the server. 
SSL requires IIS, so you cannot use the SmarterMail web server.
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