How can there be more "visits" for a day than "page views"?
Question asked by Tom McNeer - 4/1/2015 at 2:26 PM
The subject pretty much says it. Our stats frequently show a larger number of visits for a day than page views.
How is that possible?

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Hello Tom,
Thanks for the inquiry. Can you please reconfirm the version of SmarterStats that you have installed and provide us a sample of the reporting of the numbers ? Do you have any Import filters or exclusions on the site ? We can review this issue further perhaps with a Support Ticket. Please review the details on the Views, Hits, and Visits.
Thank You.
Tom McNeer Replied
Hi Joe,
The version of SmarterStats is 7.7, running on Windows Server 2008, service pack 2. There are no import filters or exclusions applied.
There's no way to attach a file here. But here's the basic CSV export from the initial reporting screen.
"Date","Page Views","Visits","Hits","Bandwidth"
"3/28/2015","583","1427","4074","0.0 MB"
"3/29/2015","273","1809","4125","0.0 MB"
"3/30/2015","1289","2984","11111","0.0 MB"
"3/31/2015","115568","2860","124221","0.0 MB"
"4/1/2015","125187","2701","132115","0.0 MB"
"4/2/2015","42912","2250","49545","0.0 MB"
"4/3/2015","213","628","1899","0.0 MB"
Tom McNeer

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