Spam filtering and lists
Question asked by Adam Lewis - 3/30/2015 at 7:01 AM
When a message comes in to group@domain.com which is an alias that goes to user userA@domain.com, userB@domain.com, and userC@domain.com.... when does the spam filtering take place for that message?
The problem I have is that an email will come in to a group email address and get flagged as spam. If userA chooses to "Mark As Not Spam" will that whitelist the email address for everyone or just userA? And will that even matter for userA if the spam filtering takes place at the alias level?

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Adam, any normal incoming SMTP anti-spam checks will be run on the incoming messages.  Once the message hits the spool, SM expands the alias to all recipients so it acts as if each alias member is receiving it directly.  How the different alias member respond to the message is independent.

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