Extended Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) functionality
Idea shared by Rajmund Andruskevic - 3/26/2015 at 7:16 AM

There is a need to extend EAS functionality, which covered by Exchange ActiveSync standard:

1. Need of additional EAS features on SmarterMail as they are available from 2.5 version of EAS standard. It is about client mobile device synchronization security requirements: screen lock protection by password, device encryption (e.g. restrict synchronization with mobile device, which does not met security requirements like device screen not protected by password or if it not encrypted);
2. Need a possibility manage remote wipe of mail users data via administrator’s interface. Now it managed by user, but not by administrator.

Further information about Exchange ActiveSync features you can find in Wikipedia.

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Thanks for posting, Rajmund Andruskevic.  You raise a very important issue with regard to ActiveSync.
With the huge influx of smart devices in the workplace, and the fact that many users now prefer to "bring their own devices,' and, as we sell SmarterMail, pushing the SmarterMail product as the e-mail server of choice for businesses: many of whom  are now required to follow auditable guidelines (using US specifics here, apologize in advance) for things like: HIPAA/HITECH, Sarbanes Oxley, and insurance regulations, it is important that the Exchange ActiveSync features you referenced in your post are fully functional.
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agreed on all points

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