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Idea shared by digital.iway - 3/25/2015 at 4:42 AM
I would like to request that contact group functionality be added to webmail only so at least we have that functionality for clients.  There have been many request for this and the category system / alias option is not effective or user friendly.
I understand that contact groups do not sync with EAS and I am not asking for it to sync, but to have it disconnected is better than not having it at all.
Please vote this up and consider this functionality as it would be a huge value add to the user experience.

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I heartily concur. This area is the biggest area of complaint for our users. Any system that is marketed as a Microsoft Exchange replacement MUST have this feature!
Please add support for groups! (or let us import categories in the meantime)
I agree 100% and I hope this GROUP functionality can get some consideration.  Once my clients find out they cannot create groups they start questioning me about other options and it always turns into a office 365 exchange discussion which is becoming a huge issue for me and will eventually turn into loss of revenue.  I find myself explaining to them cost vs benefit when using SM, but functionality it now becoming more important than cost to more and more of my clients. 

For our company there has always been a sweet spot where my clients outgrow SM and need MS exchange.  This if fine and it has always been large clients with advanced needs, but now that sweet spot is moving to smaller clients with costs dropping on exchange 365. 
Don't get me wrong I am behind SM 100% and I think the product is great, but am I the only one seeing this??
Ditto, we have had two huge clients move to Office365, because we can't match their functionality.   
If we can match or exceed these type of features, our bottom line will continue to be harmed.
And it "seems" that the fix would be fairly straightforward. Simply give each user the permission to create his/her own Alias groups. Already have the Alias function, so this should not be like reinventing the wheel.
U don't believe the bulk of the problem lies with SmarterMail, but with Microsoft, who keeps changing how both Exchange and Office work and interact with each other. I believe SmarterMail is attempting to get this sorted out so they can provide a working solution.
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Just curious if there will be any changes / additions in SM16 to improve the functionality of contact groups / categories.  I just had a client that are moving off of the xfinity email to my service and the first thing they mentioned is that they could create contact groups by drag and drop with xfinity and now they are having difficulty with SM.  
if categories need to remain then it would be nice to have some type of batch category assignment or category area they contact can be visually seen to drag and drop for an easy add and remove.
hopefully ST can provide some updates as to the progress of this feature.
Yes! Here's a link to a similar post which is the 3rd most-voted-for thread in the entire forum: https://portal.smartertools.com/community/a86530/add-category-group-pane-to-contacts.aspx
Clearly there's a demand for this. The current 'group' functionality (aka categories) is difficult to use and needs to work more like other email systems. Please vote for both of these threads and maybe we'll see it fixed.
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We do plan to explore Exchange contact group functionality. However, due to the many variations of contact groups, we are still deciding how to best handle this implementation. 

That said, in Build 6911 (Dec 3, 2018) we added support for Apple's contact groups. While you can't create contact groups in the interface, any contact groups created in Mac Contacts or iOS will be synced to webmail and subsequently, synced to other clients that allow it. In addition, we plan to allow the assigning of a category to multiple contacts at one time.

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