Pop retrieval marking emails as read
Question asked by Dann Young - 8/26/2014 at 10:00 AM
I'm sure this question has been asked, but I can't find it. All of my users use SmarterMail webmail as their primary email system, but many of them access their mail via pop retrieval on their cell phones. When mail is retrieved from SmarterMail via pop retrieval, SmarterMail automatically marks all messages that have been retrieved as read. Is there any way (can I edit code somewhere, disable something) to turn that 'feature' off? I have had to deal with literally hundreds of complaints on this. No other mail system I've used has done this, and while I can see how for a very few people it might be helpful, for the vast majority of people it's the exact opposite.

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Thank you, Dann, for bringing this up.  It is a known issue with a fix that will be pushed out in the next minor update.  There will be a user option and a domain/system administrator option (propagation) to enable/disable this behavior.  This planned update is scheduled for this Thursday but subject to change.
Dann Young Replied
You rock!
Steve Reid Replied
I thought that the pop protocol uses this flag so that it knows it already download the messages?
Are far as I knew this was a limitation of the actual POP specs.

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