Best way to create a custom branded ticket interaction screen with SmarterTrack as the backend?
Question asked by Josh Buedel - 3/19/2015 at 5:40 AM
We want to provide a branded ticket interaction (create, update, view, etc) on our own custom customer portal (asp.net mvc) but using SmarterTrack as the backend. Up until this point we've used an iframed instance of a deep link into SmarterTrack obtained via a svcTickets.GetTicketURL() call. The page returned by this link was rather "bare" (minimal headers and so forth) and could be framed into our view easily. The recent version of SmarterTrack now includes those square icons at the top and other things that we don't want on our customer portal site. 
It seems that if we're going to continue using SmarterTrack as our backend but with our branded front end, then we'll have to code against the web service api for *all* the ticket interaction.  Before we embark on developing this, my question is, is this indeed really the only way to have our branding but with the smartertrack backend? I am hoping there is some other facility that makes it easy, like the GetTicketURL() used to, that I just don't know about.

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