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Question asked by SpamHurts - 3/11/2015 at 3:30 PM
So several users on the same domain receive email from a domain. The message in a couple of users accounts will be text only. Even when you click the "view" button in the email itself, the option for HTML is missing. So when I look at the email in userA@mydomain.com and userB@mydomain.com are both copied on on a message from XYZ.com.
userA@mydomain.com has a "normal" copy of the message.
userB@mydomain.com has a "text only" copy of the message.
looking at the header of the messages the only difference was the user has xyz.com as a trusted sender. So I made XYZ,com a trusted sender for the entire domain. The results are the same. The only difference in any of the accounts is userB@mydomain.com has active sync enabled, and it says outlook15. The other user, userA@mydomain.com has active sync with an iPhone, not with outlook.
Active sync is enable obviously at the server level.
The "webmail" "display settings" on all the user and domain level are set to HTML.
I am pretty sure this is related to active sync, but do not know why? and do not know how to fix? Anyone have any suggestions, google was no help.
Remember kids, every time a spam message gets blocked, a nerd gets their glasses. spamhurts/July 15

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SpamHurts Replied
Giving this a bump as I have waited almost a month.
Remember kids, every time a spam message gets blocked, a nerd gets their glasses. spamhurts/July 15
Steve Reid Replied
You should think about opening a ticket...
Andrea Rogers Replied
Employee Post
Thank you for reaching out! Please keep in mind that the Community is a user-to-user forum and is not a guaranteed platform for direct support. The problem you're experiencing is not expected behavior. For direct troubleshooting, please considering submitting a ticket to our support team. Keep in mind, if this issue is caused by a bug in the software, your ticket will be refunded. 
Thank you,

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.


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