Agent Availability Not Affecting Round-Robin Distribution
Problem reported by Phillip Adkins - 3/11/2015 at 5:09 AM
Good morning!
According to the article on your site, agents that are in an Unavailable state will not receive tickets or chats.  
Before we get to the issue at hand, a little background.  Our agents are set in a Round-Robin queue.  All agents are in the primary group as we do not have a large enough team for separation.  We do not use chat.  Our version is 10.2.
In our experience, the article is incorrect.  Our agents have to go into their Active Group listing and uncheck the Tickets checkbox any time they are AFK, otherwise tickets continue to be distributed to the agents.  I don't see any further configurable options regarding round-robin (it's either on or off, and the agents are either part of the primary or secondary group).  It would be very helpful if the agent only had to set their availability instead of the few extra steps to uncheck themselves from Active Groups.
Is there something I have missed in the configuration of the round-robin system?
Thank you!

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