Multiple User Sessions When Using A Mac?
Question asked by CCWH - 3/9/2015 at 10:27 AM
Hello all,
We have SM 13.2 Enterprise.  We have a number of clients connecting successfully using their Apple Macs (non-ActiveSync).
I keep seeing a good number of multiple sessions within User Activity for any of the Mac clients.  Why is this?  Can we remedy this or is it simply the way the Mac connects and does not disconnect the last session?

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Employee Replied
Employee Post
Good day,
Thanks for the information. Can you please confirm if this issue still persists and if there are any further details on the Protocol used, ie. IMAP, POP ?  Are you observing any type of interruption or time outs due to the multiple sessions ? Please consider opening a Support Ticket if you would like for us to review this further.
Steve Reid Replied
Isn't this normal? I thought mac mail always has many connections
CCWH Replied
It might well be as after doing a few tests it seems the only time we are seeing these multiple connections (more than 4) is when the client is using a Mac. We have seen it with Mac Mail and also Outlook for Mac....but we have not seen or recreated this from any other device bar a Mac.

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