Is it possible to merge SmarterMail 4.x domains into SmarterMail 11.x
Question asked by Byron Massey - 3/6/2015 at 9:15 AM
I have a ton of old users on a legacy server and have been migrating them slowly to the newer SmarterMail 11.x server I have.  Is there anyway to migrate these without doing it manually one at a time?  There are probably 200 domains to migrate and so I am looking for a graceful solution that will save me some time.

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Hello Bryon,
Thanks for the information. I presume you are moving domains from one SmarterMail Server to another ?  The Domain folder is not that different from the new folder path except that the Mailbox folders are not going to match up. We do have a utility that will convert the mailboxes from the new format we implmeneted in Version 7.x of SmarterMail.
If you have not reviewed our Knowledge Base article on moving / migrating domains you may want to consider performing this on a bigger scale.
Thank You.

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