Greylisting sync between multiple Incoming Gateways
Idea shared by David Fisher - February 24, 2015 at 1:31 PM
  I am proposing a sync between multiple Incoming Gateways for Greylisting.  Right now I use a couple and have used up to 4 SmarterMail incoming mail gateways to process all the mail for spam/viruses before delivering it to the mail SmarterMail Mail Server.
  But if one of the incoming mail servers, refuses the email due to Greylisting and tells it to check back after X amount of seconds, and when they retry, usually they get another Incoming Mail Gateway, that doesn't know they tried already.
  So in short, can the greyList.dat file be synced between all the mail servers?
  This would be a welcomed change in my eyes.

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This is good idea and I think it could be connected with another idea of centralised SPAM management for outgoing/incoming gateways from main SmarterMail server but instead of SPAM settings which are more static configuration greylisting should be kept on main SmarterMail server and incoming gateways should use some API calls to query main SM server to check if message should be greylisted.
Hi Dave,
i've googled for the same problem and found your thread. Did you found a solution to sync the greyList.dat?
Kind regards,
Hi Viktor,

No solution yet, this is a feature request and waiting on it to be implemented.


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