Spam Filtering: Offer "Move to folder" then a folder list to select destination
Idea shared by Neal Culiner - 2/23/2015 at 5:46 PM
The SM spam filters are very limited such as move to junk mail or delete the message but when deleting I think it's gone vs. moved to a deleted folder.  I suggest adding another option "Move to Folder" and then when this is selected a drop down with a list of acceptable folder targets to choose from appears.  This way I can move spam to "Deleted Items" so I can verify my filter or have a recovery option should someone have sent something that got caught.

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I'm planning a project to change all of our active directory usernames that sync up to one of our smartermail domains.
Our email addresses are different from the usernames, so we also have aliases to match the AD usernames.
DaRe DaViL
Not sure why you posted this here?

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