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Problem reported by petr prejzek - 2/18/2015 at 7:41 AM
Hi, I'm getting a ton of javascript errors in Smarter Mail admin and in some cases I'm unable to finish a given task. For example when I try to delete a folder clean up rule, confirmation dialog does not show and all I get is an error which prevents me from deleting the rule…

It is also very hard to write here, as I can only see 1 line of text and a micro scroller with the rest of the text disappearing somewhere under the toolbar. The rest of the textarea is empty and unusable.

I am currently evaluating Smarter Mail, but this is a major problem for me! There are other issues that seem to be IE-only, but I can hardly tell my customers to not use IE, or can I? And BTW, some of these problems do not occur in IE8 and 9, only in 10 and 11…
Have been testing for just one day but have found many bugs already -- is there a way to check if these bugs have already been reported?

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petr prejzek Replied
Switched to browser mode IE9 and all works much better :) Maybe I should dust off my 3.5" floppy with IE2?…
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Are you using a Surface Pro? There have been reported issues when using it in tablet mode. If not, please enumerate the issues you are having, and we will test them.

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