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Question asked by PennineNick - 2/17/2015 at 8:26 AM
Apart from the normal mail server logs in \SmarterMail\Logs (smtp, imap, delivery, pop etc), are there any logs that can be used to diagnose webmail login and use issues?
Is there a way to check if a particular users IP address is blocked from webmail, or is this covered by Manage - Current IDS Blocks - Webmail ?
SmarterMail Version - 13.2.5511

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Hi Pennie.  If a user is being blocked from webmail access, that will show in Manage >> Current IDS Blocks >> Webmail.
If a user cannot login due to wrong username/password problems, that information is not logged.
Webio Replied
Hello, can you vote here: http://portal.smartertools.com/community/a902/abuse-detection-blocks-history.aspx This type of blocks are not being logged AFAIK so I hope ST devs will add it soon.
Linda Pagillo Replied
Rob, I have a question. If there is a compromised webmail account, how can you find out which account it is if there are no logs showing the authenticating address? For example.. I receive an internal spammer notification that user@a domain not hosted on my server.com is sending spam out of the server. I check the SMTP logs and do not find the user@a domain not hosted on my server.com address anywhere in the logs, however I see that address a bunch of times in the delivery log. How can I find out which account is authenticating so I can stop it?
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