Wrong time zone
Problem reported by Dennis Hadderingh - February 17, 2015 at 3:54 AM
The time zone setting for one customer/domain in Smartermail is not correct on the actually mail that is delivered in the mailboxes for the users. But the time is set correct in the admin portal. All the other customers/domains are fine.
A couple of days ago we noticed the time zone setting for this particular customer (my settings --> account settings) was incorrect, it was set to -8. So we changed it to +1 Amsterdam.
But the mail delivered to the customer is still -8. We can also see this in the mail header that it is set to -8.
Are the settings not saved, or is there another setting?
Many thanks!

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Gloops Replied
Hello, this is not my job but as something simple does not cost to test ... Supposing this setting is saved on the client, in the cache, depressing Ctrl F5 could update it ?
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello Dennis,
Thanks for the information. You did not mention which version of SmarterMail you are observing the difficulty. Please let us know if you are able to make the changes and they are adhered to for the user. If you can send us a sample of the delivery logs displaying the time difference we can review. 
Please consider opening a Support Ticket so we can review the matter in more depth.
jorge.mx.neto Replied
SM v15.5.6222
Win Server 2012 R2
The same situation happen with me and this affects only emails sent and received in SM Webmail.
The daylight change occurred days ago, but the setting in Windows for "Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time" was NOT checked / active, so after I checked that option the emails sent and received in the SM Webmail still display the old time. Left the server alone for a couple hours until I could restart the SM Service.
And after I restarted the SM Service the correct time was applied.
So I can only speculate that the SM Service only checks for the current server time when we starts (by manual mode or restarting the server).
Anyway just wanted to leave this feedback for future reference.

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