How to stop inbound "spam" bouncebacks ...
Question asked by Robert D. - 2/14/2015 at 8:51 AM
Ok, so my email address has been compromised. 
Some 4$$h0l3... is sending out thousands of emails ... using my return email address ... and I am as a result getting bounce backs.  Over 250,000 of them. 
So I thought I would delete or rename the mailbox.  No dice ... it is the Super admin mailbox. 
Isn't there a way to create a rule that says if inbound is from "xxxxx", sent straight to h3ll? 
Thanks ... 

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CCWH Replied
You can do both.
If you create another mailbox user and promote it to primary system admin you will then be able to rename/delete the original one as far as I am aware.  Guessing you cannot do it at the moment as there isn't another admin at the same level.
Alternatively, if you want to delete the incoming emails you can go to that account > Filtering > Content Filtering > New > Select either specific To address or From address then Next, complete the required info and the Next and choose delete...save and you are done.
Robert D. Replied
Thanks for your help ... When I add another user, I am unable to promote them to Primary Administrator. 
Only Enable domain administrator access. 
Nor do I see anyway to demote the Primary Admin. 

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