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Problem reported by CCL - 8/14/2014 at 9:39 AM
A Calendar created under shared resources with permissions set for read only for all users and Full control for 4 people doesn't stop people who don't have full control from editing it.  I have 4 shared calendars and a person who can edit one can edit all. How can we stop them from editing them when they already have read-only.  This must be a bug.
  • SmarterMail Enterprise Edition
  • Version 12.3.5318

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Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
I tested this and it looks like there's something going on for sure. I also passed my findings along to the developers to look at.
So, just to make sure we're seeing the same thing:
  1. I created a shared calendar.
  2. I set myself up with full control
  3. I shared the calendar with someone and gave them read-only access
  4. I created an event and invited that person
  5. They accepted the event.
  6. They were able to delete the event, though. They couldn't change the recurrence or the date/time. Well, they could change the date and time but they couldn't save those changes.
Is this the same behavior you're seeing? Are your read-only users able to actually modify the event itself or can they only delete the event? Also, is this on the shared calendar or are the events showing on the users' default calendars as well, and are they able to edit the event on the default calendar?
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CCL Replied
Now after updating to 12.4.5364 the permissions do not work at all for any groups. The single user permissions do, but you can't use a group of users. This is a big step backwards for administrating shared resources.
Steve Reid Replied
If you would like this bug fixed asap it's better to actually answer questions posed to you...
CCL Replied
This is on shared calendars, they were able to edit and del.
CCL Replied
Now the calendars do not show up for any group members with permissions. They only show up with users who have permissions.

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