how to forbid POP3 mail removal
Question asked by ivan naumenko - 2/5/2015 at 10:14 AM
I have common mailbox. All clients receive mails with pop3.  If any client is configured on mail removal after loading, the inbox on the server will be cleared.
Can I forbid command  "DELE" on smartermail?
Thank you!

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Robert Emmett Replied
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Currently, SmarterMail does not have a way to turn off the POP3 "DELE" command.  From what you're describing, you may find it helpful to switch your clients to use IMAP instead, which offers a direct mapping between server and client software.  You could also share the folder out with read-only permissions and have the clients access it via IMAP or webmail interface.
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ivan naumenko Replied
Yes, but imap users mark message as read, when read it. And other clients in this case will not see new message income. POP3 solve this problem.
Steve Reid Replied
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Just forward from that account to there own individual accounts.
ivan naumenko Replied
We have big messages stream (about 1Gb per 3 days). So individual accounts will multiply mail folder size on server. Or I should watch clients delete messages from individual accounts after receiving. Though, your idea is good =)

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