Search on Knowledge Base does not find words within body of the article
Problem reported by Aleyant - 2/5/2015 at 8:01 AM
We have several articles with the word "UPS" in the title, and in the body of the article. When searching with UPS it does not find any results. If I enter United Postal Service in the search it does find the article even though those three words together do not exist in the title or the body. 
Why is this, and how can it be fixed? 

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Steve Reid Replied
There is a lot of talk about how the search does not work at all. We are all waiting for Smartertools to actually realize there is a problem and fix it.
So far there's been an overall ignoring of this problem by the company. I am not sure why.
Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
Aleyant - this is because "UPS" is getting stemmed to "UP" which is too short to be indexed. We have added it to an exclusion list for the next Track 10.x minor later this week. Once you install that update, run the query below to update the index with the changes:
update st_KbArticles set IsIndexed = 0
Derek Curtis
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