SmarterTrack WHMCS Module
Problem reported by Neill Toms - February 4, 2015 at 6:56 AM
I have installed the WHMCS module but it wont synchronize my customers all it does is reload the page out of its frame (i.e. not surround on the text).
Is there anyway to fix this??
Im using smartertrack 8.6 with whmcs 5.3.10

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Hello Neill,
Thank you for the inquiry. We are aware of an issue with WHMCS that is currently being reviewed. There is difficulty with the communication / synchronization when adding users. Please let me know if there is a specific error that is displayed and when this started to occur.  I may have a solution that we can provide to you.
Thank you for your reply, unfortunately I'm not so lucky and my portection expired. I have fixed the bugs up till now.  Coding is something I play with from time to time so I've managed to bug fix so far.  The bug now is to do with adding roles to users during sync, the error kicks out but it syncs the first user into smarter track and halts as the roles get assigned towards the end of the script.  When this is fixed I will be more than happy to package the files for the community to use.  Regards Neill
ok fixed! all clients sync with no issues, my only issue is when clients login all they see is the smartertrack module error page could this be a bad or out-of-date hook in hooks.php? and is there a way to get the module to show the raw error instead?
Ok, last error then I can upload a working module for you, the issue left is that the module doesn't input st_userid into the module table.
once this is fixed the module works 100% for versions 8 and possibly 9 of smartertrack.
please help!!!
I've seen that message when I failed to stop the IIS services and mailservice. I think it means a file was locked during the installation process. I think the safe move is to reboot. Follow the upgrade guidelines closely next time and you shouldn't see that message.
Lily lara
Thanks, but I got it working last month it took a lot of recoding.

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