Multiple users utilizing the same login information
Question asked by Shannon Yates - 1/30/2015 at 1:26 PM
Is there any negative outcome to having multiple users logged into SmarterTrack utilizing the same user id and password?
Thank you,
Thank you,
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Hello Shannon,
Thanks for the inquiry. I can see where the use of the same login credentials may be an issue for reporting or a statistical point of view.  If you have more than one user logged into the system you are prohibiting the basis for reporting to tickets and using chats.  There is always a security factor when trying to use one login for multiple individuals. I'm not certain that you are trying to use the system for testing or benchmarking the application to see what the thresholds are but you should not continue to have more than one user accessing the system in a production environment.
Please ask any questions if you feel there are other concerns.
Thank you.

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