Issue with the sitemap file in SmarterTrack
Problem reported by Steven Pink - 1/20/2015 at 9:16 AM
When I go to my sitemap file on domain.com/support/Sitemap.ashx?page=sitemap_data_1_1 and I see all the links in there but all of the links are pointing to domain.com/support/support/file.aspx.
The support directory is a virtual directory setup as an application. In SmarterTrack I have my smartertrack URL entered as http://domain.com/support/
I tried changing that URL to just domain.com but then there was other problems so I changed it back. One time I just replaced the URL's in the file that was generating them to submit the URL to google but an index must have ran and converted them back to /support/support/
I have SmarterTrack version 10.4.5451.22455.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Steven Pink Replied
I posted this thread a while ago and still updated to the latest version yesterday and have the same issue.
I the portal installed to
All of the links in it is showing up as
Notice it is all /support/support/
This is keep messing with our Google sitemap files that I submitted to Google and keep getting errors of 404 not found.
Steve Reid Replied
This is probably because it's better to install as a sub domain and not a subfolder.
Something like support.mydomain.com
Steven Pink Replied
figured that, I use to have it on a subdomain. I do have it in a virtual directory created as it's own application. The main problem now is I use the API within a windows service, on our site and help manually and probably other places so it would be a ton of work to put it on a subdomain. When it was on a subdomain I wasn't using any API calls or anything but since we redesigned our site we decided to put it in a virtual directory and didn't notice the issue until months later when checking our SEO stuff. I even tried writing a regex so if it finds support/support/ it will just go to /support/ but didn't have to much luck in all cases.
Steve Reid Replied
For it to work in a virtual directory there would need to be a webroot url or actual url to your portal option to set within settings. I could not find a setting for it though.
Perhaps this should be changed to a feature request to have virtual directory installation supported.

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