Tweak Smartermail and Exchange 2007
Question asked by Gary Hanley - 7/23/2014 at 1:17 AM
I have an enterprise licence of Smartermail and also run a Exchange 2007 server.
I often get messages stuck in the spool for several hours just waiting to deliver.
I play with DNS settings, Force them through, eventually they all go. But it is terribly frustrating that an under utilised server is not processing the email as fast as it should.
One of my biggest issues is when I email gary@teamevolution.com.au(smartermail server) I have a forward on this to gary@hcse.com.au(exchange server) and these can hang waiting to deliver for hours.
Can I hire someone to once and for all tweak my Network/Smartermail/exchange server so that it just works efficiently.
Looking for help - willing to pay from someone.
Gary Hanley

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Steve Reid Replied
What do your logs say, please ensure they are already set to detailed.

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