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Question asked by V Ryan - 1/14/2015 at 11:37 AM
I'm trying to run site activity reports of a year or more timespan and it just hangs on 'generating report' without returning results. 
The Traffic Trend report completes for a 1 yr time period after a couple minutes, but the others do not. 
If I shorten the time to 1 week or month than more success with the other reports.
I am running the free edition to test this out, so not sure if that is having an effect on performance?  I just installed this yesterday and running version 10.0.5420.30444
Is there some setting to fix this or what's the max time that this would run a report before timing out?
The search engine reports seem to lag the most for timespan greater than a month, thanks in advance for any feedback.

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Good day V Ryan,
Thanks for the inquiry. I have observed some reports to 'hang' or not process in a timely manner. This may be caused by the size of the log files, the system resources and possibly the IIS application threshold being met and timing out.  If you prefer for us to look at this issue please consider submitting a Support Ticket and we can review in more depth.
Thank You.

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