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Question asked by Kevin Russell - 1/10/2015 at 11:20 AM
I have SmarterMail 12 on both Servers.
The old server is a Reseller account and I cannot get access to the XML and DAT files.
I am using the Migration Mailbox to transfer Mail and Contacts.
As SmarterMail is not an option, I select "Other" as the Mailbox type.
After entering the old mailbox details, the test connection works fine.
Here's where my problems start.
I can only select "Email" as an option (not contacts)
When I transfer the mailbox, none of the mail in the Inbox sub folders are transferred.
Contacts aren't transferred.
Is there a way to do what I am trying to do? Or is there a third party method?
Or am I missing an easier method?
Any advice gratefully received!

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Employee Replied
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Hello Kevin,
Thanks for the inquiry. You may want to look into possibly obtaining the files from the Reseller or using a third party application. We do have some of our users executing the IMAP connections with the IMAP Copy utility.
I have found this to be fairly easy to configure and working better since it will grab all of the files and folders in the account that you want to migrate to.  Please take a look at the utility as an option. Please let us know if you need further assistance by opening a Support ticket.
Thank You.
CharlesWorks Replied
I have run into exactly this problem on numerous occasions moving clients from other hosting companies to CharlesWorks. Since no one should know the inner workings of SmarterMail better than the SmarterTools developers, it's especially surprising that the functionality of transferring an entire SmarterMail account - including it's folders, calendar, contacts, and filtering - does not exist.

A huge deciding factor for my originally deciding to go with SmarterMail was ease of migration. While I understand it is complex, I remain curious why it hasn't been accomplished.
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