SmarterTrack breadcrumb links to folder index?
Question asked by Jamin Blount - 1/9/2015 at 11:26 AM
Using ST 10, we are just getting started and working on populating our knowledge base. I have a question about navigation within the KB. We are using this to post our training videos and such, organized by chapter/subchapter/etc. So we have a page titled, i.e., - Installing Software on OS/2 Warp. The actual folder hierarchy of this page goes something like this: (folder) Root Folder > (folder) 3. Using Software > (folder) 3.2. Installing Software > (folder) 3.2.3. Installing Software on Other Operating Systems > (page) Installing Software on OS/2 Warp.
This breadcrumb hierarchy is displayed on the page, i.e., the page title is in large text at the top and the folder path is immediately below it. Great. However, the breadcrumbs are not linked, they're just plain text. So the only way that I can see to get to any other page is to click the big Knowledge Base link at the top and go all the way back to the KB homepage, click into "Root Folder" from that page, and then scroll to find where I was in the (gigantic) single index of all folders/pages.
Is there a better way? A setting somewhere to enable the breadcrumbs to link to an individual folder index page maybe? Enable previous and next links on the articles? This wouldn't be a big deal for people who search for one or two specific articles; but for anyone who would be trying to walk through the KB linearly (let's say, for new employee training or something), it seems like this would be a nightmare.
Thanks in advance.

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