Create new task from eM Client fails (403 Forbidden)
Idea shared by Laszlo K. - 12/30/2014 at 10:28 AM
Under Consideration
A new task created in the eM Client (v6.0.21040.0) application fails to synchronize with the SmarterMail (v13.1.5451) server.
Reviewing the detailed SmarterMail WebDAV log for this error reveals that the HTTP PUT fails with a 403 HTTP status code (Forbidden). The relevant snippet from the log (cleansed for privacy purposes) has been included below:
12:34:56 [...] Method: PUT, Path: /WebDAV/cal/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.ics, IP:, Email: <email.account@example.com>
12:34:56 [...] Request:
12:34:56 [...] BEGIN:VCALENDAR
12:34:56 [...] PRODID:-//eM Client/6.0.21040.0
12:34:56 [...] VERSION:2.0
12:34:56 [...] ...
12:34:56 [...] END:VCALENDAR
12:34:56 [...] Response (Code 403):
Naturally upon receiving the 403 code, the eM Client application reports an error.
Is there a setting or SmarterMail feature that has not been configured properly?
As an aside, standard calendar events (i.e., not tasks) synchronize normally between the SmarterMail server and the eM Client application.

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When we originally implement CalDAV, we did not intend it for tasks.  Currently, we are only handling the VEVENT method of a VCALENDAR, not the VTODO that eM Client is passing.  At this point, adding task functionality in eM CLient via CalDAV is a feature request.  To help facilitate development status of this feature request, I'm changing this thread from Problem to Idea and marking it Under Consideration.
Thank you, Robert, for clarifying this issue. Hopefully, task synchronization (i.e., VTODO handling) will be added to SmarterMail's CalDAV implementation.

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