Memory Handles for SmarterStats
Question asked by Michael Cummins - 12/30/2014 at 6:35 AM
I'm troubleshooting a problem on a hardware node with 5 virtual servers.  I came across a forum post elsewhere that seemed to describe my problem.  The troubleshooting process had me then looking for processes with a lot of handles.  I added the column to the hardware node's task manager and saw immediately that two different virtual servers running smarter stats had nearly and over 20,000 handles each.  I restarted the services on their respective servers and they both dropped back down to about a thousand.
Is this normal operation?  If not, how do I prevent it from happening, or get an alert when it goes wrong?

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Grady Werner Replied
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That is an excessive amount of handles indeed, and not normal operation.
What are the log files like on those machines that SmarterStats is analyzing?  Are the files big or small (on average)?  Does each site have many log files or few? 
If you have a recent version of SmarterStats, and you have lots of tiny files, try zipping them up by month or maybe change the log file creation in your web server to rotate by week or month if the sites don't get a ton of traffic.
Grady Werner
SmarterTools Inc.

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