Calendar Has Completely Disappeared
Problem reported by Jim Vaden - 12/23/2014 at 7:46 PM
Not A Problem
I've had one other user with this problem in the past year.  Her calendar completely disappeared from both her Outlook client AND from SmarterMail.
Now today mine, with no errors or warning, has completely disappeared from both too.  I can not be without my calendar.  It is electronic for a reason so I don't have to carry a separate device or paper copy.
Anybody have any possibilities as to why this has happened?  Please?!?

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Jim Vaden Replied
Anybody? Bueller?
Steve Reid Replied
You should probably open a ticket for this...
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello Jim,
Thanks for your time. I do recall we had discussed this issue through a Support ticket. At the moment you were in the process of resolving the backup folders and ensuring the calendar.xml files were included.  You also verified that there was no security applications scanning the SmarterTools folders and the auto-clean was not enabled.
Please let us know if you observe any other instances of the files being cleared out or removed.
Thank You.

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