Can't reset password for Portal
Problem reported by Nolan Tininenko - 6/12/2014 at 10:12 AM
Why is it that I can log on to the SmarterTools Portal site, but once logged in there is no way for me to change my password?  And if I click the link to say I forgot my password, then enter my email address, I get a message that says "No user with that email address exists in the database. Please double-check that the email has been typed correctly, and try again."  And yes, I have double and triple-checked that the email is the same.
This hardly seems like a community topic, but I couldn't find anywhere else to report it.

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Employee Replied
Employee Post
Please send the email address you are using when logging in to sales@smartertools.com and we can take a further look into it.
Nolan Tininenko Replied
Thanks.  I'll do that.

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