Groupware shared calendar information disappears?
Question asked by Jay Altemoos - 12/19/2014 at 3:39 PM
Hey everyone. I have a question. Currently our company uses SmarterMail 12.3.5318. Today I got a call from one of my clients that shares his calendar with a few users in the office and all his calendar data was missing. He is the only one that has full control of the calendar. The other users are set to read-only. They all use Outlook 2007 and have the calendar added to Outlook. So they don't use the web interface. I log into the SmarterMail interface as the Administrator and use the impersonate feature to look at his calendar. Turns out not only was his calendar blank, but the Shared resources section was blank for him also. Almost as if we never shared the calendar in the first place. So I log into the server directly to check the user account folder where his data is and the calendarData.xml file is 2K. Checking our backups the previous night the file is almost 2.2MB. Indeed the data was wiped. So I put his calendar file back from the previous night's backup and he just has to enter in the info he would have lost from the morning. My question is this, has any one run into this type of situation before? I checked through the logs in SmarterMail but could not find any indication of a problem that would cause this. The rest of the shared calendars from the other users were still intact and functioning just fine.
I looked through the errors log in SmarterMail and the only listings in there have been from the ActiveSync registering and un-registering ping requests for the Microsoft ActiveSync. I did not see anything listed pertaining to the calendar or the mishap. Is there another report I should look at? I am just concerned that whatever the user might have done might happen again and this is a concern. Is this something I need to open a ticket with support for?
Thank you for any input in advanced. I greatly appreciate it.

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Hello Jay,
Thanks for your inquiry. I noticed that you have submitted a Support Ticket. Please allow us to review this matter further and we can work on getting this issue resolved.

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