Custom Fields history has been erased and new ones won't save
Problem reported by System Management - 12/18/2014 at 9:09 AM
I am using Version 10.4.5464.24837, hosted by SmarterTrack
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
We have a few thousand tickets in our "Closed" history which we have filled out custom fields for each. We use these for references, and have collected quite a large database that we and our customers utilize quite often.

Unfortunately, every ticket's custom fields have been erased, down to the very first one we saved when we started using SmarterTrack. And currently, I am unable to save information to new tickets. I will save, receive the confirmation at the top of the screen from SmarterTrack, and when I refresh the page, the information is gone.

Just wanted to report the bug or see if there is possibly a fix. While it is up-to-date, I had not updated my browser prior, so I don't believe it is a browser issue.

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