Is there a "master email template" I can edit?
Question asked by Matthew Hall - December 18, 2014 at 2:54 AM
I would like the emails to include a footer when emails are sent (not received), and I would like the users to be able to set their own signature. So the email could be 
Some text
Some Signature
Some Corporate Footer.
How do I do this so the footer is only applied to the email? Can I do this so the footer is not applied if it already exists?
Matthew Hall
System Administrator
Farrell Heyworth

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The Domain Administrator can select Domain Settings, Message Footer  and define a message footer.
Sorry to jump in on this: We are on 15.1 ( conservative in our upgrades) and have a similar issue.
We added the domain level signature, mapped it to users but no signatures showed.
Restarted the service and we got signatures on webmail but not via outlook
However i added a footer at domain level and get the footer in both outlook and via the web.No reboot required.  The problem with footers is there are no domain variables available.
My suggestion:
1 - Update the help to remind users that a restart of service is required to see the changed signature settings.
Any joy on the signature issues via non web mail (e.g. smtp / active synch?)

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