Running same SmarterMail license on two servers temporarily
Question asked by Brian Gallutia - December 16, 2014 at 10:59 AM
Good Afternoon,
By the end of this year I will be migrating my company's SmarterMail server to a 2012 server.  The longest part of this process will be uploading user data.
I would like to upload this data per domain, which means that I'll need to run two instances of SmarterMail in tandem. 
I remember this being an option a few years ago but am unable to find any posts related to running two servers with the same license for a small period of time.  Is this still possible?
Many Thanks

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Brian,
We understand that running a license on multiple servers may be necessary at times, specifically for these instances. For this reason, we allow licenses to be active on multiple servers for up to 30 days. You can read more on this in the first section of the SmarterTools Licensing Information KB. 
Hope this helps and best of luck with your migration! 
Andrea Rogers 
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Brian -  We have migrated our smartermail servers several times first time we had around 230GB of data on each server to move  and the second time about 450GB for each server.  Stopping the source server and copying the files to the destination is way too slow to do in a maintenance window.  We used a fast file copy/syncing program that we would start running a week or two prior to the migration.  We would run it the first day and it would take a good amount of time.  Then we would run the sync every few days and even daily.  Then the night of the big move we would stop the source servers run the sync which would only take 20 to 60 minutes depending on if we ran the sync a few hours prior.  Then fire up the new server and we were good to go.  We only had our existing licenses and did not try to activate the license on the new server until we had all of the data over and fired up the new server on the migration night.  Hope that helps.
We have used FastCopy - doesn't look like much but it can copy things very quickly.
We use ip addresses instead of server names.   We also have had success using InstantSync FTP also.  We use this for migrating customers from one server to another.

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