Can I use Smartermail in our company?
Question asked by Juhair Abdurahiman - December 16, 2014 at 6:04 AM
Hi All, 
Can i install Smartermail in our company. I need to create nearly 150 emails. 
Is it good software? Can i move to smartermail? What is your opinion ??? Please suggest me which software is good and cheap??. 

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Have you visited and read through the information?
Being that this is the SmaterTools community our opinion of the product will be that it is one of the best available for the price.
You should read through the information on the link above and see if it covers the features you are needing.  You can also download and install a free version to try it out yourself.
If you have never run/installed a mail server on your own I can assure you it's not a simple task and does involve a lot of work no matter what product you choose.
Depending on what version you purchase for you needs you are looking at spending a minimum of $299 USD for the software license that will give you up to 250 mailboxes.
This community is full of very friendly helpful people that will answer any questions you have.
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Yes. Smartermail is good but can anybody advise me how to backup emails from inbox? Memory will get full once you reach the capacity and once full, can we still receive emails?
Thank you all. I decided to purchase Smartermail Software. And let me try it for 2 months in our small organization. If it is suitable for All our requirements, then i will implement it in more companies. Can Anyone advise me, whether i need to purchase third party Antivirus and AntiSpam or The inbuilt will work fine?
Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Juhair!
I'm happy to hear that you purchased a license. Whether you need the Cyren add-ons for antispam and antivirus really depends on your business needs. Some companies are fine with the built in tools and others really like the additional security of the paid add-ons.
If you're not sure if you need them, what you can do is start trials of the add-ons. This will allow you to test out the products for 30 days before deciding whether to purchase them. If you'd like a comparison of the two, you can go a bit with just the built in functionality and then enable the add-ons to see which you like more. Listed below are some resources that should assist you with setting up the antispam configuration and starting trials of the add-ons. 
Bruce Barnes' Antispam Guide (Scroll to the bottom to see Bruce's post on the 15th on how to get the latest version of the document)
I hope this helps!
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