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Question asked by M. Hussein - 12/14/2014 at 6:00 AM
Hello ,
I there any way to disable ( Indexing Service ) for specific domains ?
Our Case is :
Some of our customers working through IMAP/POP/SMTP and the webmail interface is disabled for these users.
They have high traffic of incoming messages per minute , a lot of incoming messages still at spool for several minutes because mailboxes is locked for indexing service that is not needed because of webmail interface is disabled for them.
Hope to have ( a Clue ) for this problem from SmarterTools.
Best Regards

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Hello Mohamed,
Thanks for the inquiry. I have entered some more information pertaining to indexing on the Support Ticket that you opened. Just to have the information available for others you can disable indexing for individual mailboxes but not for domains. You can also try to reindex a mailbox if there is a delay or possible corruption.
Webio Replied
I've proposed two feature requests which should help with message indexing:
Can SmarterTools dev take them under consideration? IMHO Indexing service should be working better (I have also some customers complaining about search results not returning all messages which should be returned).
Michael Muller Replied
I would love an re-indexing feature that would reset the mail indexes if they've become corrupted. Currently my entire 5761 emails inbox shows all emails are "unread" and they're completely out of date order. My newest email is dated thirty minutes ago, despite being from May of last year.
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