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Problem reported by John Marx - 12/9/2014 at 7:35 PM
I believe this is an overall bug.
To create:
1. Click the select all check box to select all the check boxes in the inbox.
2. Deselect some of the items (I had 20 items and deselected 2).
3. Click Actions, Mark As Spam (Delete also does this).
4. When the items are gone the other items will automatically be marked as the top check box is selected still.
Desired behavior: If I select all items and then deselect any, or after I perform an action it should not auto select everything.

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Employee Replied
Employee Post
John, thank you for bring this to our attention and especially for the steps to reproduce.  It has been added to our bugs list.
John Marx Replied
How can something that has been around for about two months now still exist in the latest build? Not to sound upset but I am. This wasn't there in a previous release and now is. Can't your TFS, GIT or other version control system show the difference so that this can be corrected? I've been promising the three users that this has been reported and would be fixed. I know three is a small number but I truly expected something to get fixed. :(

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