Shared Calendars
Idea shared by John Marx - 12/9/2014 at 1:49 PM
We have two domains. We will call domain-X and domain-Y. They are both hosted on the same server.
We would like to be able to share a calendar between domain-X and domain-Y.
Both are using 100% web mail interface, no Outlook or other client.

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Hi John,
At this time, Shared Resources are available to users within a domain, but not multiple domains.
I am sure he already knows that. That's the reason his post is proposed.
We recently wanted to start using shared calendars in our organization, but we have domain X, Y and Z and the inability to share calendars cross-domain even though they are hosted on the same server is a real bummer. We mainly need this for calendar availability. Just FYI, cross-domain calendar availability is possible with Microsoft Exchange. Could the team please reconsider something as basic as a global setting called "Enable Cross-Domain Resource Sharing" so this could be possible?

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