Server Error in '/' Application on Upgrade

After upgrading SmarterTrack you may be presented with a SERVER ERROR page upon initial startup. The error will typically manifest as a "SERVER ERROR IN '/' APPLICATION" page and may include a variety of details in the stack trace displayed at the bottom of that error page. The first thing to check in this case is that the SmarterTrack IIS site and application pool have been configured correctly:

  1. Verify the SmarterTrack IIS site is pointing at the correct install location.
  2. Verify the SmarterTrack application pool has been configured to run as 'NETWORK SERVICE.'

If these items check out, its possible this error is being caused by components of the SmarterTrack web interface being cached in your internet browser. This can be resolved by navigating to your web interface URL from a guest session or Incognito window, or by clearing the cache/cookies of your browser, then attempting to access the web interface URL again.

If you continue to experience these errors after trying the steps above, please submit a ticket to our technical support team so that they can investigate further and determine the root cause of the error.