Content filter by attachment name, with wild cards. How?
Question asked by Dann Young - 6/24/2024 at 2:21 PM
I've created a content filter to move emails with the attachment (eg) xy-123456789.pdf to folder 'XY', using the 'Attachment condition, with wild cards enabled. The number after the initial 2 character identifier is always changing, and the length of it changes (so ? can't be applied). There are also multiple 2 character identifiers, so I can't tell it to just move all pdf's. For this example, I've told it to apply the filter to any email with the condition that has the file xy* attached. I've also tried telling it to look for xy*.pdf. Neither works. Ideas?

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Zach Sylvester Replied
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Hey Dann, 

Thank you for reaching out with this question. I was able to accomplish this with the following content filter configuration. 

Note you can right-click the image and save it if you want to see it in a bigger window.
  • General Settings:
    • Name: The rule is named "test".
    • Match Type: The rule is set to match if "ALL conditions must be met".
    • Enable wildcards in search strings: Wildcards (* and ?) are enabled.
  • Conditions:
    • Specific file name: The rule will apply to emails with attachments where the file name matches the pattern "XY*" (where * represents any sequence of characters).
    • Specific extension: The rule will apply to emails with attachments that have the .pdf extension.
  • Actions:
    • Move message: Emails that meet the above conditions will be moved to the "Junk E-Mail" folder.
These settings mean that any email with an attachment that has a file name starting with "XY" and has a .pdf extension will be moved to the Junk E-Mail folder.

I hope this helps!

Zach Sylvester System/Network Administrator SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com

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