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Idea shared by J Lee - 6/19/2024 at 12:29 PM
Hi All 

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Email Auto Save defaults is 2 minutes with no option to change this setting.

One important reason for AutoSave is to protect against lost connections. If you have lost connection to the server and don't know it, your important email will be lost. 

A better design would allow the user to allow local saves of the email contents on the HDD or browser cache.

This would protect your client's email from getting lost and lower your support tickets. 

The SM team has added this feature for review.

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+50 from me.  
In the older versions of smartermail you could loose connection and never know about it till AFTER you hit send. Then that email you are trying to send just blows up.  I got in the habit of doing a "select all" and copying the entire email before I hit send on anything where i typed more than a few lines of text.   
This suggestion would be a great update to SM - 
"You have lost connection to the server, Where would you like me to save a temporary copy of this eMail?"
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